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Finest Medical Lab in Varanasi

At Banaras Janch Ghar (Laboratory), we have a mission of providing leading diagnostic services for our clients, whether private or public services. We are dedicated to providing medical practitioners with incontestably accurate results from a long list of clinical laboratory tests which are carried out by experts in their respective fields. Our laboratory is located in Varanasi, and you can call us to book an appointment on 5422398888.

Our Staff

We have highly skilled medical experts and professional staff who are medical laboratory certified. We all work as a team to provide a comprehensive and holistic work ethic, using new, innovative procedures and technologies to ensure accurate results. Our staff, both management and technical, are knowledgeable, friendly and are dedicated to providing you with a safe and easy collection process. So rest assured that whoever attends to you is both qualified and well trained.

Use our Laboratory for your Research

Apart from providing you with the necessary medical tests and results, we also partner with you to develop and execute good strategies that can optimise your medical projects. Our services are tailored to help you get your desired result in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. So regardless of your needs – whether you want some medical diagnostics done or you want to perform some medical research using our laboratories – be sure that we can help you handle it at very affordable prices.


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Amir Khan
Awesome and good service...
Pradeep Tiwari
Awsm reporting and management excellent work
Shubham Singh

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